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China Logistics

Compared to most developing countries, it is well known that China provides a lower cost of labor and a better infrastructure than most other developing countries in today’s global economy. This combination makes it the manufacturing base of choice for many companies. However, it is less known that China is also closing in on becoming the world’s largest market. Many multinational corporations have or should have vested interests in China either to source or to market. In both cases, it is critical to analyze and understand logistics in this country. As China rapidly emerges from a centralized, planned economy to a decentralized, market economy, the country’s logistics infrastructure exhibits many unique characteristics.

In response to these needs, SCL and ISyE established a Center of Focused Research in China Logistics. The China Logistics Center is directed by Associate Professor Chen Zhou. Together with The Logistics Institute-Asia Pacific (TLI-AP), faculty members conduct in-depth studies on the China logistics industry. Since 2001, SCL and TLI-AP have produced a series of reports about transportation enterprise and logistics users/providers in China. Dr. Zhou specializes in various areas of global supply chain and warehousing, logistics, manufacturing system control, and sustainable packaging and logistics. Some of the current research activities include developing in-depth knowledge of:

  • Transportation and logistics infrastructure in China
  • Warehousing and distribution practices in China
  • The role of micro wholesalers and distributors on last mile delivery in China
  • Challenges for multinational corporations to operate long haul road transportation in China

Analysis of cost structure, services, and key players within the transportation and logistics industry of China presents a tremendous opportunity for the Stewart School of ISyE. Efficient and effective supply chain management and logistics will have a tremendous impact on both the Chinese and U.S. economies.

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