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Manufacturing Logistics

In today's global economy, increasing competition among manufacturers means that designing, managing, and improving industrial systems have never been more challenging. In terms of annual dollar-volume, the U.S. is the largest manufacturing country in the world. But to remain competitive, it is imperative to continually develop and implement new and improved manufacturing systems. Modern manufacturing systems are increasingly complex and capital-intensive, and risk mitigation in design and operation requires extensive modeling and analysis of a broad range of issues, including equipment selection and configuration, layout, control system design, and operating policy selection.

In response to these challenges, the Stewart School of ISyE established a Center of Focused Research in Manufacturing Logistics. Housed in the Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (SCL), the Manufacturing Logistics Center is directed by Dr. Leon McGinnis, the Gwaltney Chair in Manufacturing Systems. Along with Dr. McGinnis, Professors Spyros Reveliotis, Jan Shi and Chen Zhou specialize in various disciplines of manufacturing, including computer-integrated systems, controls for flexible automation, manufacturing system design, analysis and simulation, lean manufacturing strategies, and performance measurement. Their efforts leverage the Keck Virtual Factory Lab and the Center for Product and Systems Lifecycle Management. These resources allow companies to test and analyze concepts as virtual systems prior to making expensive capital or operating investments. Some of the current research activities include:

  • Analyzing and designing highly capitalized factories such as semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Building high-fidelity virtual prototypes of manufacturing and assembly systems in order to test new equipment and strategies before implementation in a real manufacturing facility.
  • Designing workflow concepts and tools. This includes strategies to help manufacturers get to market with their product faster with higher quality and lower cost.
  • Building planning and control strategies that are more robust to systems variability such as demand changes, machine breakdowns, and labor disruptions in manufacturing systems.
  • Modeling, analyzing, and controlling the allocation of resources in manufacturing systems that are both flexible and automated. 

Creating efficient and effective systems for manufacturing is extremely important for our nation’s competitiveness in global markets. Join the Stewart School of ISyE in working toward improving U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. The potential for improvement is enormous and your involvement can have a significant impact.

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